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Spring Services

CONTACT: info@jjbros.com or (716) 485-8347

Lawn, Yard Care & Landscape Services Offered:

  • Lawn Rollingflattening/leveling raised areas of lawn due to winter frost

  • Lawn Mowingpush and ride-mowing dependent upon property size and needs

  • Trimmingweed wacking of any overgrowth around structures, fences, and trees

  • Weeding, Edging and Mulchingcreating a professional, clean look of your new or existing landscape area

  • New Bed/Landscape Creationremoval of sod and creation of new beds/landscapes for flowers, shrubs and/or trees

  • Hedge Trimmingeven shaping of hedges using power hedge trimmers

  • Tree Limb Trimmingremoving low hanging branches

  • Shrub Pruningeven shaping of small shrubs with pruning shears

  • Shrub Removaldigging out dead and/or unwanted shrubs

  • Grass Seedingrepairing damaged turf and/or seeding small new areas

    Please Note: J & J Brothers will consider other services, not listed above, upon request. Please contact us if you would like a quote on any of your outdoor needs.


Lawn Care
Landscape Work
Hedge/Shrub/Tree Trimming
Grass Seeding

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